Sennheiser HD 428 Headphones Are Good For The Phone

Mobile phones are slowly but surely taking over the MP3 player market. So you need good headphones.

Sennheiser HD428 Headphones

Headphones from Sennheiser have good sound quality. Therefore, it is tempting to choose their headphones also when you need headphones for your mobile phone. Sennheiser HD 428 is a good mobile headphone that can use a hands-free microphone, so you can answer the incoming call and hear ringing in the headphones, where music is muted when it rings.

Super convenient, but there’s just one big caveat in it all: Sennheiser forget to incorporate a hands-free button on the microphone. Thus, one cannot answer, start playing music or call the last received call. Every time it rings, the cell phone needs to get out of your pocket or jacket, because you cannot in any way serve conversations with HD 428.

Sennheiser HD 428 Headphones Are Almost Complete

Apart from this huge blunder from Sennheiser, there is very little to criticize HD 428 for.

The headset works well with an iPhone or iPod. You do not get just high enough sound that you get the momentum up in the music, which is also engaging clout in the bass. Compared with earbuds from Ultimate Ears or greater AKG K242 HD the headphones sound a bit enclosed and lacks transparency. But it provides a homogeneous and live sound, without shine. One can be satisfied with pop, rock and electronic music, but it sounds colorless with acoustic music.

Sennheiser HD 428 is good but not perfect. The largest error is primarily that it has hands-free microphone, but no talk button. Apart from that, they are comfortable, lightweight and compact enough that you can have much pleasure from it as a partner to a mobile or iPod. If the sound quality is the absolute goal, enthusiasts should assess other plugs or headphones where sound quality counts more.

Video Review Of HD 428 Sennheiser Headphones


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